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The Laboratory Price List is effective for one calendar year, starting January 1. It contains pricing for TSKgel® columns and TOYOPEARL® and TSKgel® bulk polymeric media sold in package sizes up to and including one liter volume.

For ordering information of 5 L and 50 L package sizes, please contact our customer service department at +49 (0)6155 7043730. Prices are EXW Tessenderlo, Belgium. Freight is prepaid and added to the invoice unless customer requests other billing arrangements.

Returned material requires prior written authorization by TOSOH Bioscience GmbH and will be subject to a minimum restocking charge (See return policy below). All prices are subject to change without notice.

Please make sure to consult our Terms and Conditions for Delivery prior to your purchase.

Return policy

Tosoh Bioscience is fully committed to delivering quality products and services. TSKgel column products are accompanied by a chromatogram demonstrating the performance of a test mixture on the column and by an OCS sheet that contains information about the Operating Conditions and Specifications of the column. TSKgel and Toyopearl media products are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.

Despite our commitment to product quality, columns and resins occasionally perform differently than expected in a customer's application Therefore, we ask you to inspect your TSKgel or Toyopearl product within 30 days of receipt by using the conditions described in the documentation supplied with the product. Let us know within this 30-day period if the product does not meet the specifications on the OCS sheet and QC document, or as listed in the Certificate of Analysis. 

Subject to prior written authorization, we will accept for return all products that do not conform according to their specifications. If a product is authorized for return for reasons other than an error that can be attributed to TOSOH Bioscience or because of a product defect, there will be a restocking charge of 25 € or 10% of the list price, whichever is greater.

More information

Full descriptions and applications of Tosoh Bioscience products are provided in our catalog and technical literature.  To receive a catalog or any other complementary literature, please refer to our literature library or call +49 (0)6155 7043700 or contact us at [email protected].