Process Resins - General

1. What does “HW” stand for when talking about Toyopearl HW size exclusion resin?

Literally, the HW stands for Hydrophilic Water-compatible; referring to the nature of the polymeric bead used for the size exclusion resin. The size exclusion bead is also the backbone for all of the other Toyopearl resins. 

2. How are the functional groups attached to the base beads?

All functional groups are attached to the base bead through an ether linkage to a proprietary R group extending from the base bead.

3. What is the shelf life for Toyopearl resins?

Based on stability data, all Toyopearl resins have a proven shelf life of 10 years (for resin types launched less than 10 years ago, the stability data is only available starting the launch date!) without any adverse affects on performance.

4. What is the shelf life of the TSKgel 5PW resins?

The TSKgel 5PW resins have the same polymer chemistry as Toyopearl resins and also the same post polymerization functionalization chemistry. The only difference is that the degree of crosslinking is higher which helps them withstand the intrisically higher back pressures generated by their smaller particle sizes. As such their shelf lifes are calculated to be similar to the corresponding Toyopearl materials.

5. Does Tosoh Bioscience offer any Reversed Phase resins in bulk?

Tosoh Bioscience does not carry Reverse Phase Chromatography (RPC) resins in bulk. We do offer a variety of Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) resins as an alternative to Reversed Phase resins which do not require the use of hazardous organic solvents.

6. How do I put a ToyoScreen together without trapping air?

Follow the link to the ToyoScreen Instruction manual. This document provides an easy step by step process for putting a ToyoScreen column together as well as extensive diagrams to aid in the proper assembly of these new products.

7. How do I go about placing an order for 5 or more liters of resins?

Contact our customer service department for a quote. Lead time on shipment of an order is dependent on the quantity ordered and availability. Tosoh Bioscience chromatography media is manufactured in Japan and inventory is stocked in our Tessenderlo facility for shipment. Large volume orders of resin may require direct shipment from Japan and may take several weeks if the quantity requested is available.

8. What is the best method for packing TOYOPEARL resin?

Toyopearl media is rated at a maximum pressure limit of 3 bar/ 45 psi. This is the recommended pressure for achieving an optimally packed chromatography bed, however this may be limited by pressure constraints by instrumentation and equipment. Toyopearl resin should be packed in high salt buffer at a slurry concentration no greater than 60% to achieve maximum bed compression. Packing in salt results in a more consistent pressure drop across the column relative to packing in water at the same flow rate. After the bed height is stable under pressure, mark the bed height and lower the top adapter 0.2 - 0.5 cm into the bed to prevent a void from developing during normal chromatography operation.

9. Where can I get a current MSDS for TOYOPEARL and TSKgel resins?

Please contact our technical department at [email protected] to receive a copy.

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