Process Resins - Affinity

1. Where do I find the coupling procedure for the activated resins?

Contact the Technical Support line at +49 (0) 6155 70437-36 and a technical specialist can provide a detailed procedure for the activated resins. The Tosoh Bioscience Literature Library also has many recommended procedures based on the type of reactive or activated resin being used.

2. Can you clean affinity resins with caustic?

TOYOPEARL AF-Chelate-650M and, in extreme cases where other reagents do not remove residual protein, TOYOPEARL AF-Heparin HC-650M, can be cleaned with caustic up to 0.5 M NaOH. All other Affinity products such as the activated media are most likely sensitive to caustic (due to the nature of the attached ligand) and should be cleaned with less aggressive combinations of salt, chaotrope, & detergent.

3. Does Tosoh Bioscience offer a Protein A resin for antibody purification?

Yes. Tosoh Bioscience manufactures TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein A HC-650F. It is a high-capacity affinity resin, specifically designed for efficient purifications of monoclonal antibodies.


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