TSKgel OligoDNA-RP

TSKgel OligoDNA-RP

TSKgel OligoDNA-RP is specifically designed for the purification of oligonucleotides, and RNA and DNA fragments (up to 500-mer). TSKgel OligoDNA-RP columns can provide excellent separations of samples with very similar sequences. The packing is prepared by monomeric binding of octadecyl silyl groups to 5 μm spherical silica gel with 25 nm (250 Å) pores. This packing is not endcapped and it has a relatively low carbon content of 10%.

TSKgel OligoDNA-RP structure 



Separation of octomers 

Column:          TSKgel OligoDNA, 4.6 mm ID x 5 cm
Mobile phase: 120 min linear gradient from 5% to 25% CH3CN
                          in 0.1mol/L ammonium acetate, pH7.0
Flow rate:        1.0 mL/min
Detection:        UV @ 260 nm
Sample:           1. linker EcoR I, d(CGAATTCG)
                         2. Hpa I, d(CGTTAACG)
                         3. linker EcoR V, d(CGATATCG)


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0013352 TSKgel OligoDNA RP 4.6 mm ID x 15 cm L
0013353 TSKgel OligoDNA RP 7.8 mm ID x 15 cm L
0018207 TSKgel Guardfilter for P/N 0013352, 0013353 4 mm ID x 0.4 cm L
0018206 TSKgel Guardfilter holder for P/N 0018207 4 mm ID x 0.4 cm L