TSKgel Protein A-5PW

Protein A HPLC column for fast antibody titer analysis

TSKgel Protein A-5PW is a high performance affinity chromatography column specifically designed for fast and accurate determination of monoclonal antibody concentration during cell line selection or upstream bioprocess control. The stationary phase uses the same ligand that is successfully applied in TOYOPEARL Protein A affinity media for antibody purification.

Widest available dynamic range: mAb quantitation from 0.05 to 200 µg  
Fast analysis/high throughput: typical runtime below 2 min  
Durability: more than 2000 injections per column 
Low back pressure: 4 mL/min flow rate possible 
Robustness: Recombinant Protein A ligand bound to the proven matrix of TSKgel PW 

For decades, protein A has been synonymous with the process capture step in monoclonal antibody purification processes. In upstream processing an analytical protein A column is typically used for antibody titer determination of cell culture supernatants. Due to the lack of a protein A analytical column with the same ligand as a process protein A resin, there was no direct link between upstream and downstream usage of protein A for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies.

With the availability of a protein A resin for purification and an analytical protein A column with the same ligand, the gap between upstream titer determination and downstream purification of mAbs can finally be bridged.