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EcoSEC instruments

Discover our GPC solutions for the analysis of polymers 
Ambient EcoSEC Elite GPC system (up to 60 °C) 
High Temperature EcoSEC GPC system (up to 220 °C) 
Wide variety of column selection 
Technical Services & Maintenance 
Test Analysis, Installation and Calibration Service 
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45 Years GPC

Discover our EcoSEC all-in-one GPC Systems for polymer analysis

EcoSEC all-in-one GPC Systems are developed for fast polymer analysis. They deliver top performance, reliability and superior results. Time and solvent can be saved when the EcoSEC systems are coupled with our extensive line of highly efficient, semi-micro TSKgel columns.

Reduced analysis time and doubled throughput 
Up to 80% reduction of solvent and disposal costs 
Unparalleled RI baseline stability 
Accurate flow rates and reproducible molar mass distribution 
Optional UV, light scattering, viscometer detectors and a sample preparation system 


EcoSEC Elite

EcoSEC features 
Dual flow cell RI detector 
Constant temperature of pump heads and solvent line 
Low dead volume supports semi-micro use 
Large column oven can house up to 8 columns and switching valve 
Easy to use software 

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EcoSEC High Temperature Instrument

Additional Features of the EcoSEC High Temperature System 
Temperature range up to 220 °C 
Extended safety is guaranteed by sensors 
24 vial auto sampler with temperature control 
Heated solvent holder at 40 °C 
Sample preparation system 

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SAme sized columns

TSKgel semi-micro columns 
Multipore technology 
Various polymeric phases 
High temperature columns up to 220 °C 

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