Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography Solution

Holistic Multi-Column Chromatography Solution 

Multi-column chromatography is a liquid chromatographic technique used to purify solutions via a cyclic usage of multiple columns that is faster and more cost-effective than batch chromatography. 

The OctaveTM MCC platform is designed to purify biomolecules, e.g. antibody-typed pharmaceuticals, proteins and peptides with outstanding productivity. In close cooperation with its customers Tosoh designed a platform that combines the method flexibility needed for tech-transfer and the versatile monitoring and reliable performance needed for process control and product safety. The operator is guided by an easy-to-use software package to design, define, and execute a multi-column chromatography processes. 

Octave BIO: Benchtop Development Scale System

Tosoh’s benchtop instrument, the Octave BIO, simplifies both the transition from batch to multi-column chromatography and from process to manufacturing.

Octave Bio Instrument

Octave PRO: GMP-ready

In a GMP environment, Tosoh’s Octave PRO sets a new standard for downstream bioprocessing with its single-use flow path design and compact footprint.


SkillPak BIO: Unlock Optimal MCC Performance for Development

Take your MCC productivity to the next level with SkillPak BIO pre-packed columns. Designed to provide the best MCC performance, the SkillPak BIO series offers dedicated dimensions and optimized packing conditions, enabling seamless scale-up from 1 mL to 100 mL with superior performance across the full operating range of the Octave BIO MCC system. 

SkillPak BIO columns are pre-packed with a comprehensive selection of TOYOPEARL resins, specifically designed to optimize MCC process development for biomolecules such as monoclonal antibodies, proteins, and oligonucleotides. With SkillPak BIO, you can achieve optimal MCC performance and streamline your workflow, unlocking the full potential of your MCC biopharmaceutical purification processes. A picture containing text, kitchen appliance

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ProComposer: Easy Method Transfer

Tosoh’s ProComposer software is the method writing software for both the Octave BIO and the Octave PRO, enabling direct method transfer between the Octave BIO and Octave Pro.

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