EcoSEC HT Temperature Controlled Pumps

Temperature Controlled Pumps 

The EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System contains two independently operating pumps. The main pump delivers solvent to the column. An identical secondary pump delivers the same solvent via a 'reference column' to the reference cell of the refractive index detector.

The primary benefit derived from the second pump is an improvement of RI baseline stability. Controlling the temperature of the pump housing and tubing further improves baseline stability by removing the effect of temperature fluctuations on solvent delivery.

As an added benefit, the secondary pump may also be used in a column switching mode (optional) to allow for a quick change-over from, for instance, a high MM column to a low MM column.

All components shown in the image below can be maintained at a constant temperature within the range of 40 °C to 220 °C upon closing the cover door (left).


The following performance data apply to each pumping unit: 
Flow rate -- 0.1 to 2.0 mL/min 
Accuracy -- +/- 2% 
Precision -- +/- 0.2% 
Max. pressure -- 15 MPa