Comprehensive Temperature Control

Comprehensive Temperature Control

To assess the influence of environmental conditions within the laboratory on solvent flow, a study was done in which the EcoSEC GPC System and a conventional GPC system were placed in a chamber where the temperature was cycled between 23 °C and 26 °C. A series of 99 injections of polystyrene were made over a time period of ten hours. For each instrument the retention time at peak maximum was measured; the resulting data is shown in the figures below. The retention time drift of the EcoSEC GPC System was about 20% lower than that of the conventional GPC system.

The results shown demonstrate that the engineering design concepts of the EcoSEC GPC System result in a high degree of reproducibility of retention times and molar mass determinations

Mobile phase delivery reproducibility of the EcoSEC GPC System with ambient temperature changes



Mobile phase delivery reproducibility of a conventional system with ambient temperature changes