Tosoh Logistics Completes Renewal of Ethylene Carrier "Shoyo"

Tokyo, Japan—Tosoh Logistics Corporation, a member of the Tosoh Group, completed renewal construction of its ethylene carrier, the "Shoyo," on December 7, 2020.

The Shoyo was renewed to ensure continued safety and stability in the transport of ethylene, a highly flammable and reactive gas. The renewal is part of the company’s upgrading of aging existing vessels.

The Shoyo is one of the few special vessels in Japan capable of transporting liquefied ethylene gas cooled to minus 103 degrees Celsius. Moreover, Shoyo features an environmentally friendly design, with an optimized hull form and improved propulsive performance through the use of the Eco-Stator and friction resistance-reducing paint. The vessel also enables optimum navigation and reduced fuel consumption through the installation of an electronic charting system with Track Control.1, 2

The Tosoh Group is working to strengthen its global supply chain to meet increasingly sophisticated, diverse, and wide-ranging needs. This activity, in addition to the Tosoh Group’s promotion of logistics efficiency and environmentally friendly logistics businesses, is evidence of the company’s dedication to environmental conservation—such as the mitigation of global warming—and its commitment to the realization of a sustainable society.

1 The Eco-Stator is a set of distributor plates which contribute to improved propulsion performance.
2 Track Control is an automatic course maintenance system.

Tosoh Logistics Completes Renewal of Ethylene Carrier "Shoyo"

Overview of the Shoyo



Length 96 m x Width 15 m

Gross tonnage

3,076 tons

Deadweight tonnage

2,819.75 tons

Carrying capacity

1,600 tons