TSKgel Protein A-5PW for Fast Antibody Titer Analysis

TSKgel Protein A-5PW is an affinity HPLC column specifically designed for fast and accurate determination of antibody concentrations during cell line selection or upstream bioprocess optimization and control. The stationary phase uses the same ligand that is successfully applied in TOYOPEARL Protein A affinity media for antibody purification. 

TSKgel Protein A-5PW for Fast Antibody Titer Analysis

Widest available dynamic range: mAb quantitation
from 0.05 to 200 µg
Fast analysis/high throughput: typical runtime below 2 min
Precision & Repeatability: HPLC outperforms ELISA assays
Durability: more than 2000 injections per column
Robustness: Recombinant Protein A ligand bound to the proven matrix of TSKgel PW


TSKgel Protein A-5PW

In many stages of mAb development, harvest cell culture samples must be screened for their IgG titer. Antibody titer determination by Protein A affinity HPLC is much more robust, reliable and reproducible than enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs). The new column provides a wide dynamic range for quantitation, which makes it suitable for determination of low IgG concentrations during early development and high concentrations during process control. It can also be used for small scale mAb purifications for further characterization.

TSKgel Protein A-5PW is a 20 μm stationary phase for high performance affinity chromatography. Made of PEEK hardware, this 4.6 x 35 mm column has been designed for the rapid separation and robust quantification of a variety of antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies can be captured and accurately quantitated in less than 2 minutes.