50th Anniversary of TSKgel Columns

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the renowned TSKgel brand

We are excited to announce the 50th anniversary of our TSKgel (U)HPLC column line. In 1971, Tosoh (known then as Toyo Soda Kogyo, i.e. the brand’s “TSK” original meaning) launched its first TSKgel column. This was only five years after the first publications on fast liquid chromatography by Horváth and Lipsky in 1966, who introduced the chromatography community to what would come to be called HPLC.

50 Years TSKgel Columns

Since 1971: Tosoh at the early forefront of SEC development

The first TSKgel product launched by the scientific instruments division in 1971 was a column for polymer analysis, the TSKgel S-type, a polymer-based gel permeation chromatography (GPC) column. The development of this first TSKgel GPC column was closely linked to the need for suitable tools for the analysis of the proprietary polymers of the petrochemical division.

Celebrating 50 years of HPLC innovation - looking back on 50 years

TSKgel S-type columns paved the way for an entire suite of columns in nearly every mode of liquid chromatography. Along with the groundbreaking success of biotherapeutics such as therapeutic proteins, antibodies, and today nucleic acids, TSKgel biochromatography columns became increasingly popular in biotechnology and biopharma.

Size exclusion chromatography has remained a special focus in the product line, with the TSKgel SW series as the biopharma industry’s first choice for QC of therapeutic antibodies. Latest developments comprise UHPLC versions of the most popular stationary phases for biomolecule analysis and affinity columns mimicking biological processes for fast functional characterization of antibodies.

50 years TSKgel Columns-Test your knowledge

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