TOYOPEARL Sulfare-650

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F is a salt tolerant cation exchange resin capable of aggregate removal in bind-elute mode. The resin is composed of polymethacrylate beads that have been functionalized with a proprietary sulfate containing ligand.

TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F is ideal for process scale applications ranging from the capture of proteins from biological feedstock (mammalian cell culture, plasma, bacterial feedstock, etc.) without dilution to the intermediate or final purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) where aggregates and other impurities are removed from the target of interest. In addition to it’s ion exchange function it also provides Heparin-like affinity for certain targets. TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F is available in 45 µm particle size (F-grade) and exhibits typical binding capacities of over 95 g/L for IgG. It maintains its high capacity at increased linear velocities and has good pressure-flow characteristics up to 600 cm/h liner velocity.

Effect of pH and conductivity on IgG DBC 

Sulfate-650 Figure1.jpg 
Column:             TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 6.0 mm ID.x 4 cm L
Sample:              1 g/L polyclonal hIgG (Kakatsuken) in x mol/L NaCl
                            + 0.054 mol/L acetate (pH 4.2-5.5) or MES buffer (pH 6.0, 6.5)
Residence time: 4 min 


Aggregate removal on various cation exchange media 

Sulfate-650 Figure2.jpg 
Column:          Cation exchanger, 7.5 mm ID X 7.5 cm L
Eluents:           A: 0.054 mol/L acetate buffer (pH 5.5), B: 1.0 mol/L NaCl in A
Gradient:        58.5 min linear 0% -100% B (NaCl conc. + 0.0167 M/min)
Flow rate:        1.0 mL/min
Sample:            3 g/L monoclonal humanized IgG acid/heat treatment,
Injection vol.:  90 µL (Aggregate content ~1.9%)


Product attributes

Pore size (mean):  100 nm
Particle size (mean): 45 µm (F-grade)
Pressure rating: 0.3 Mpa
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 2-13
Shelf life: 10 years (estimated)


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0023467 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 100 mL
0023468 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 250 mL
0023469 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 1 L
0023470 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 5 L
0023471 TOYOPEARL Sulfate-650F 50 L
0023472 ToyoScreen Sulfate-650F 1 mL x 6
0023473 ToyoScreen Sulfate-650F 5 mL x 6
0045117 TOYOPEARL MiniChrom Sulfate-650F 5 mL
0045027 ToyoScreen RoboColumn Sulfate-650F 200 µL x 8
0045028 ToyoScreen RoboColumn Sulfate-650F 600 µL x 8