TOYOPEARL CM-650 is a weak cation exchange resin composed of polymethacrylate beads that have been functionalized with carboxymethyl (CM) weak cation exchange groups. TOYOPEARL CM-650 has high chemical and mechanical stability, allowing cleaning-in-place (CIP) and very high flow rates.

TOYOPEARL CM-650 resins can be used for high throughput capture, intermediate purification, and polishing process steps. It is available in three particle sizes: 100 µm (C-grade), 65 µm (M-grade), and 35 µm (S-grade). TOYOPEARL CM-650 exhibits typical dynamic binding capacities for lysozyme of 40 g/L (S-grade, M-grade) and 35 g/L (C-grade).

Structure of TOYOPEARL CM-650  



Product attributes

Pore size (mean): 100 nm
Particle size (mean): 100 µm (C-grade)
  65 µm (M-grade)
  35 µm (S-grade)
Pressure rating: 0.3 Mpa
Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol
pH stability: 2-13
Shelf life: 10 years (estimated)

Breakthrough curves of mono-PEGylated lysozyme using TOYOPEARL cation exchange resins 

Resins:            A. TOYOPEARL SP-650M B. TOYOPEARL CM-650M
                         C. TOYOPEARL SP-550C D. TOYOPEARL GigaCap CM-650M
                         E. TOYOPEARL GigaCap S-650M
Column size:   6 mm ID × 40 mm
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 20 mmol/L phosphate buffer, pH 7.0
                         Buffer B: 20 mmol/L phosphate buffer, pH 7.0 + 0.5 mol/L NaCl
Flow rate:        212 cm/hr (1.0 mL/min)
Detection:        UV @ 280 nm
Sample:           mono-PEGylated lysozyme, 1.0 mg/mL (PEG MW= 5 kDa)

Dynamic binding capacities were determined at 10% breakthrough 


Separation of monoclonal antibody cell culture supernatant

CM-650 Fig1 
Resin:              TOYOPEARL CM-650S
Column size:  16 mm ID × 6 cm
Mobile phase: Buffer A: 20 mmol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.5
                         Buffer B: 20 mmol/L sodium acetate, pH 5.5 + 0.5 mol/L NaCl
Gradient:       linear gradient from buffer A to buffer B in 200 mL total volume
Flow rate:       173 cm/hr (5.8 mL/min)
Detection:       UV @ 280 nm
Temperature: ambient
Sample:         100 mL of monoclonal antibody cell culture supernatant 


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0007991 TOYOPEARL CM-650C 250 mL
0014697 TOYOPEARL CM-650C 1 L
0007992 TOYOPEARL CM-650C 5 L
0043203 TOYOPEARL CM-650M 100 mL
0007475 TOYOPEARL CM-650M 250 mL
0014696 TOYOPEARL CM-650M 1 L
0007972 TOYOPEARL CM-650M 5 L
0019803 TOYOPEARL CM-650S 25 mL
0007474 TOYOPEARL CM-650S 250 mL
0014695 TOYOPEARL CM-650S 1 L
0007971 TOYOPEARL CM-650S 5 L