TSKgel SuperAW6000

TSKgel SuperAW6000

The TSKgel SuperAW6000 column is packed with small, rigid, porous polymer beads which show minimal shrinkage or swelling in in polar organic solvents (methanol, acetonitrile, DMSO, isopropanol, THF, and HFIP). This semi-micro GPC column is stable in a wide variety of organic solvents at concentrations up to 100%.

The main application area for the TSKgel SuperAW6000 column is the analysis of polymers that are soluble in polar organic solvents up to 10 x 10^6 Da. Examples include cellulose derivatives, polyimide, and sodium dodecylsulfate (all in 10 mmol/L LiBr in DMF).

The small particle size of 4 µm and the narrow 6 mm inner diameter of the TSKgel SuperAW6000 column provide higher sensitivity in sample-limited cases and to cut down on solvent use. It is important to employ an HPLC system that is optimized with regards to extra-column band broadening to take full advantage of the high column efficiency that can be obtained on TSKgel SuperAW columns.


Calibration Curves TSKgel SuperAW Columns 

SuperAW fig1
Column:          TSKgel SuperAW columns, 6.0 mm ID × 15 cm
Mobile phase: A. H2O
                         B. MeOH containing 10 mmol/L LiBr
                         C. DMF containing 10 mmol/L LiBr
Flow rate:       0.6 mL/min
Detection:       RI
Samples:         polyethylene oxide (PEO), polyethylene glycol (PEG),
                        and ethylene glycol (EG) standards


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0019319 TSKgel SuperAW6000. 9 µm 6.0 mm ID x 15 cm L
0019322 TSKgel SuperAW-H Guardcolumn 4.6 mm ID x 3.5 cm L