TSKgel UP-SW3000

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UHP-SEC columns powered by 40 years of SEC expertise

TSKgel UP-SW3000, a new 2 micron UHPLC column with 25 nm pores, is the latest addition to the renowned TSKgel SW series of silica based gel filtration columns. Over 40 years of experience in SEC are built into the new series of UHPLC columns for the analysis of proteins in the range of 10 to 500 kDa.

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Profit from: 
Easy transfer of HPLC methods to UHPLC 
Highest resolution 
Increased throughput 
Ideal MW range for mAb quality controlHigh Resolution 

High Throughput

For decades, TSKgel G3000SWXL columns have been the gold standard for QC of antibodies in Biopharma. TSKgel UP-SW3000 features the same pore size to enable an easy transfer of methods developed on conventional columns to UHPLC technology. Select the short column to cut down analysis time while maintaining resolution or the long column to maximize resolution between fragments, monomers, and aggregates.


TSKgel SW columns stand out from other silica-based high performance size exclusion columns by virtue of their large pore volumes. They are based on highly porous, ultra-pure silica particles, the surface of which has been shielded from interacting with proteins by applying a proprietary surface chemistry. This ensures highest recoveries and accurate quantitation. The validated manufacturing and packing process delivers a reliable batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Best Results with UHPLC

To achieve maximum resolution and fully exploit the potential of the columns the use of a UHPLC system is highly recommended. A so-called DC (direct connect) guard column can be attached directly to the analytical column to minimize extra column band broadening.

Ordering Informationen:

0023448  TSKgel UP-SW3000  2 μm  4.6 mm ID x 30.0 cm L 
0023449  TSKgel UP-SW3000  2 μm  4.6 mm ID x 15.0 cm L 
0023450 TSKgel UP-SW Guard Column   4.6 mm ID x 2.0 cm L 
0023451  TSKgel UP-SW DC Guard Column    4.6 mm ID x 2.0 cm L 


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