Biopharmaceutical SEC Applications

Biopharmaceutical UHP-SEC Applications using TSKgel UP-SW3000

In a supplement of LCGC North America, Genentech researchers described the use of UHP-SEC for the SEC analysis of complex and novel biotherapeutic products and PEG-protein conjugates.  

The authors describe various examples of using size exclusion chromatography for novel biotherapeutics at Genentech. These cover antibodies, antibody-drug-conjugates, bispecific mAbs and coformulations of mAbs and Fab. The advantage of using UHPLC is shown by comparing UHPLC and HPLC results.  


Conjugation of poly (ethylene glycol), PEG, to therapeutic molecules is widely used to increase half-life of therapeutics. This article is discussing the specific requirements when analyzing PEG-protein conjugates.