TSKgel SuperSW3000

TSKgel SuperSW3000

TSKgel SuperSW3000 are packed with ultra-efficient 4 μm particles, providing high efficiency separations. The 25 nm pore size results in a fractionation range up to 500,000 Da for globular proteins. The narrow 4.6 mm column inner diameter reduces buffer consumption and is ideal for sample-limited applications.

It is important to employ an HPLC system that is optimized with regards to extra-column band broadening to take full advantage of the high column efficiency that can be obtained on TSKgel SuperSW columns.

Overlays of monoclonal antibody separation

Column:          TSKgel SuperSW3000, 4 µm, 4.6 mm ID × 30 cm
Mobile phase: A: 0.4 mol/L NaClO4, 0.05 mol/L NaH2PO4,
                         B: 0.2 mol/L NaClO4, 0.05 mol/L NaH2PO4,
                         C: 0.2 mol/L NaCl, 0.1 mol/L NaH2PO4
Flow rate:        0.35 mL/min
Detection:       UV @ 214 nm
Injection vol.: 5 µL
Samples:         monoclonal antibodies 


Ordering Information

P/N Description Dimension
0021845 TSKgel SuperSW3000 1.0 mm ID x 30 cm L
0021485  TSKgel SuperSW3000  2.0 mm ID x 30 cm L 
0018675  TSKgel SuperSW3000  4.6 mm ID x 30 cm L 
0018762 TSKgel SuperSW Guardcolumn 4.6 mm ID x 3.5 cm L