Technical Support Team


Priv. Doz. Dr. Egbert Müller Technical Director Surface Chemistry Expert

Egbert joined us in 2001 as Technical Director. He is owner of more than 30 patents for surface modification techniques of chromatographic resins and is in the Scientific Advisory Board of ISPPP conferences and a member of the Society for Affinity and Molecular Recognition. He owns a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry and a Habilitation in Bioseparation and is Lecturer for “Industrial Biotechnology” at the University Darmstadt as well as group leader for BMBF (research grants) projects in Germany. He acts as the main link to our parent company Tosoh and works closely together with them in developing new resins.  

Achim Sprauer Senior Technical Specialist Process Product Support
Achim Sprauer is our Technical Specialist at Tosoh Bioscience. He joined us in 1997, thus has a long working experience when it comes to questions related to TOYOPEARL and TSKgel process media. He takes care of our process customers with first hand technical information. Contact him, when you need assistance in packing large scale columns or when developing purification schemes.

Achim Sprauer has a degree as Dipl. Chemical Engineer. He worked for the Max Planck Institute in the area of Molecular Biology and later at the University Stuttgart developing fermentation and downstream processes.
Volker Nödinger Technical Specialist Process & Laboratory Product Support
Volker Nödinger joined Tosoh Bioscience as Application Specialist in October 2002. He takes care of customer inquiries concerning both our TSKgel columns and Toyopearl media. Whenever you need technical assistance or applications support, he is the person to contact. Prior to joining Tosoh Bioscience he worked at the Universities Hohenheim/Stuttgart (Institute of Animal Breeding/Biotechnology and Institute of Biochemistry). There he was in charge for Protein- and DNA-Sequencing, protein purification and molecular biological methods.

Dr. Werner Conze Technical Specialist Laboratory Product Support
Dr. Werner Conze joined Tosoh Bioscience in September 2000 as Technical Specialist. He takes care of assisting customers in using our analytical TSKgel columns. Contact him when you need to discuss any kinds of issues concerning the analytical sector. He studied Biology in Mainz, where he completed his diploma at the MPI for Chemistry in the area of Biogeochemistry, later he received his Ph.D. in the field of protein characterization at the Institute for Molecular Biophysics.

Judith vajda
Judith Vajda Technical Specialist
Judith Vajda joined Tosoh Bioscience in October 2010 as a technical specialist. Besides supporting her colleagues with customer inquiries, she is involved in application projects within our lab. For technical issues concerning Toyopearl and TSKgel analytical columns, she will be pleased to provide assistance. Judith holds a university diploma degree in technical biology. 

Ariane Schütze Technical Assistant
Ariane Schütze joined Tosoh Bioscience in 1997. In 2002 she became Technical Assistant taking care of the administration of Secrecy Agreements and Regulatory Support Files and of external cooperations of the technical department. She also supports the marketing team in distributing literature and FOC samples to customers.
Furthermore she acts as interface between the Griesheim office and the Human Resource group in the head office.