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Process Media Products
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is a weak anion exchange resin* with high binding capacity, which offers an additional selectivity option to TOYOPEARL GigaCap Q. TOYOPEARL HW-65 resin is the polymeric base bead chemically modified to provide a high number of anionic binding sites for increased resin capacity. It exhibits a typical dynamic binding capacity greater than 150 g/L for BSA (66 kD), exceeding that of all other commercial available DEAE chromatography media.

This new resin maintains high capacity at increased linear velocities and has good pressure flow characteristics. The high capacity and back pressure stability of TOYOPEARL GigaCap DEAE-650 creates opportunities for increased throughput in various anion exchange purification steps and is ideally suited for efficient plasma protein purification.

*specifically designed for packed bed use


 Product Attributes:
Pore size (mean): < 1,000 Å

Particle size (mean): 75 µm (M-grade)

Pressure rating: 3 bar

Shipping buffer: 20% ethanol

pH stability: 3-13

Shelf life: 10 years (est.)


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Toyopearl GigaCap Series

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Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M 

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 Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M data

High DBC at Increased Linear Velocities

High DBC at Increased Linear Velocities

Excellent Pressure Flow Properties

TOYOPEARL GigaCap DEAE-650M - Pressure flow properties

CIP Stability

CIP Stability

Ordering information:
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P/N Description Resin Volume Pore size

Particle size

22865 Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M 100 mL < 1,000 Å
75 µm

22866 Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M 250 mL < 1,000 Å

75 µm
22867 Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M 1 L < 1,000 Å 75 µm

22868 Toyopearl GigaCap DEAE-650M 5 L < 1,000 Å  75 µm

22872 ToyoScreen GigaCap DEAE-650M 6 x 1 mL < 1,000 Å  75 µm

22873 ToyoScreen GigaCap DEAE-650M 6 x 5 mL < 1,000 Å 75 µm

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